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After nine bursts of chemo every three weeks and surgery, we get the summary verdict that it has all worked and there is a good chance that life will return to normal. Time for coffee and cake, one would say. Of course we did enjoy these, but ease of mind takes some getting used to. If a danger is to be attributed to chance, we revolt. If something can happen to us just like that, the realization makes us insecure, we want to be in control and be able to take precautions. At least with cancer. Of course there are natural health extremists who can unite under the call ‘cancer madness‘, but I doubt whether they (as they recently succeeded in the Netherlands under the call ‘virus madness‘) would fill the Malieveld for a protest meeting against the measures taken. Ahh … of course. As far as we know cancer is not contagious and the measures to be taken can take place in the privacy of healthcare institutions. All this nevertheless throws a strange light on human nature.