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On Friday, December 27, 2019, Welmoed called me down to tell Nienke and me something. She told that she had breast cancer that needed to be examined further before a treatment plan was drawn up. Shocking. On Monday, December 30, I make a Whatsapp group “Schmidtzijde” for my side of the family. We know a little more after Friday’s research. It’s about a fast-growing thing. Treatment approach in three phases first chemo then radiation therapy then surgery (and then we see further). On January 7: seed placed to be able to see how the chemo works. January 8: pet scan and first walk (we agreed to walk regularly because it is good for everyone) Welmoed gets further research results on 10 January. No metastases. However, lymph gland affected. Treatment plan 9 times cure of 3 weeks chemo. Double cure after 3 weeks. Results of hormone / protein sensitivity studies cause concern. Not hormone sensitive and only partially protein sensitive. Further investigations into (heart) condition agreed upon. I am authorized to deal with the pharmacist. On January 11: opening exhibition of Welmoed and Karin in Sijthoff. On Sunday 12: second walk — burning hair incident in the pancake house. On January 15 another seed is placed at the lymph node. Sunday 19: walk, get key, selfies, prepare first chemo-logistics for Friday 24. If I look back I can hardly stand it, in terms of emotions. Focusing has become extremely difficult. I am now going to concentrate on the piece for the ECPR in Innsbruck in the summer. The walk with Welmoed seems to have helped me (sic!) to maintain some mental distance to the troubles every now and then.