WeChatting on Trump

Yesterday was the first Trump-Biden debate. I waited till 03.00 am to watch. Could not believe what was presented and turned the thing off. Remembering that Kunbei didn’t have access (in China) to the televised event I WeChatted my feelings:

You will have heard about the debate. A disgrace. I could not bear to keep watching two people older then even me shouting each other down in their incredible urge to be president of the USA in COVID-19 times. Our form of democracy has lost the foundation to look down upon yours. And we need a third way badly. Things are bad over here qua COVID-19. One in a hundred Dutchmen have the disease now an official mentioned on public television. A brawl in our parliament too, about whether to make the masks mandatory in public spaces. This is debated and not yet agreed upon. Nobody takes the extra and badly needed climate change serious that will result from wearing masks as a visible signal of that there is a bitter pandemic going on (strangely invisible otherwise) and as the opportunity it offers to show that you are taking it serious. Anyway. Have a good moon-cake festival and a happy week commemorating the rebirth of your country some 72 years ago? Somehow I have managed to become a sort of member of the public that Chongqing municipality thinks ought to get pushed almost daily the most impressive clips on Chongqing life/happenings/nature/etc. Nice. CU.