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What I do not wish to see (India etc.)

What I don’t want to see is how things are getting out of hand in India now. But they do happen. I will give three images of it, dated 8, 15 and 21 April 2021. A span of 13 days. Only in the middle are the death rates per million inhabitants.

The number of deaths per day has risen from 580 to 1,500 in those 13 days. India is in an exponential phase, after the first wave appeared to have been subdued in February 2021. Then the feeling descended (unchecked by the opinions ventilated by Trump, Bolsonaro and other Willem Engel-likes) that it all went well with COVID, and they dived en masse into the Ganges.

The oxygen tamed in bottles is now running out. The IC beds too. Chaos.

So what I don’t want to see is how things that are getting out of hand in India will also happen here. For example, if the movement of Willem Engel were to gain political weight in the wake of the moral void that the wall-to-wall collapse of a profoundly hypocritical regime such as ours has the potential to turn into.

We have seen examples of this at the end of Tsarist Russia, the Weimar republic and the second Sino-Japanese war.

A problem could be that hardly anyone under 50 knows what these examples might mean.