The COVID Situation of January 28, 2021

Below follows an overview of the data of the COVID situation. Worldwide, it is a pandemic after all. I cut the world into 9 pieces: (1) the Far East (where it all started), (2) Europe, (3) the US with its states, (4) the American continents, (5) jurisdictions around the Mediterranean, ( 6) countries around Russia, (7) countries around Saudi Arabia, (8) Africa and (9) jurisdictions around India.

Below I devote a section to each of these areas (which I compiled on intuition) containing a table with sorted key figures (numbers of deaths per million inhabitants) and graphs grouped in that order or alphabetically. The graphs are small, they can be viewed and enlarged separately in the browser. The data are the basis for observation-based analyzes and is not explained further here. (In the summaries, D stands for the total number of COVID deaths up to January 25, 2021 and DpM for that number per million inhabitants; pop indicates the number of inhabitants.)

(1) The Far East

Summary for the Far East

(2) Europe

Summary for Europe

(3) De US

USA Summary

(4) American Continents

Summary for the Americas (sorted on deaths per million)

(5) The South-East of the Mediterranean

Mediterranean Summary

(6) Around Russia

Summary a few countries around Russia

(7) Around Saudi Arabia

Summary around Saudi Arabia

(8) Africa

African Countries Summary

(9) Around India

Summary India Etc.


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