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Roles for Toy-World actors on Their Ways to the “Natural Condition”

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The problem of saving a certain state of a toy world and starting over from there in a new run has been solved by NetLogo itself. It has appropriate functions available. But having rural and urban agents and their infrastructures is not enough for showing the existence or not of a Hobesian “natural condition”. Let me first give an overview of the actors and the forces that I think I should allow a place on stage. I keep in mind that not only the US trade war with China, but also the COVID-19 pandemic and the election campaign in the US can contribute to the emergence of areas in which the “natural condition” will occur. We need restrained modeling so the world is divided into six jurisdictions which we call PRC, US, UK, F, NL and BR (and of which this blog follows the COVID-19 developments). Hobbes himself points out that the emergence of wars of each against all does not hold true at the level of jurisdictions (and thus does not force the development of some form of overarching, global Leviathan). For this he refers to the division of roles between a sovereign and his people: the path to a “natural condition” between jurisdictions would be hindered by the demands for security and prosperity a nation’s people require from their sovereigns. The likelihood of a “natural conditon” would be promoted locally if the sovereign loses support and is disposed of without a successor being quickly in place.