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Requirements for a Leviathan Game

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From the summary you can read the requirements of what a Leviathan game must meet.

Requirements for some agents

We need individuals who inhabit a piece of land together and who may or may not create or abolish jurisdiction. Individuals must therefore be able to (refuse to) enter into an agreement that designates a sovereign (individual or institution) who/that makes the laws.

Individuals must have the liberty (and thus the ability) to form, join and abandon peer groups and gain status in them.

Individuals must have the liberty to experience diffidence in the jurisdiction (or situation) they live in, in relation to the efficacies of the laws (and their enforcement practices), and to attain security as (or in the shadow of) a sovereign legislator.

Individuals must have the liberty to build capital through turning their talents into products and monetize them on the market.

Individuals must have the liberty to acquire knowledge by participating in education and research, and by accumulating real-life experiences.

Individuals must have the liberty to apply their wisdom, (that is to combine the concurrently expected dynamics in their status, diffidence, capital and knowledge) when choosing a behavioral option in a situation.

Requirements for (some parts of) the Game

We need ideas about how often who contacts whom and what kind of transactions they carry out and how they change their wealths at what time and under which conditions. To be implemented in rules.

Then we need rules about what the conditions are to make a jurisdiction turn into a state of war of each against everyone else. Probably they need to be connected to user-definable parameter settings.

Considering the nature of ABSM projects, the game should have the capabilities (and its user the liberty) to save, replay and log multiple runs with a fixed set of parameter settings (e.g., for further processing with R).

Before we continue we have a go at the game as specified here, and, if we get something operational, at finding out how we can calibrate it and what we can further do with it.