Playing Doctor

The realization of what he would later call hyprocrisy began to dawn on the prospective professor when he was three years old and played the little doctor with/to Maartje from the other side of the Preangerstreet (where a chicken could be slaughtered while you were rocking carefree on the swing that they were rich there). Or rather, when it became clear that what was perceived as innocent, entertaining, enlightening and even pleasant could not get through for whom were older and apparently wiser. It is uncertain whether this realization played a role when he was informed at about the same time that the moon revolved around the earth and the earth revolved around the sun. He found that hard to believe because he reasoned that if this were true he would not be able to eat his porridge quietly, while anyone who wanted to could see that he could do that in actual fact.

In addition to the exuberant praise of his father who admired his ability to shoot a ball over the fence at that age, these were his earliest memories. No wonder he later turned out to be suspicious of moral authority and sensitive to empirically based arguments and a pat on the head. It remains a miracle that he was able to compile a useful worldview on that foundation.