Multiple personalities

Messrs. Stickler, Winner, Node and Buddy have been sentenced to each other. Stickler mainly wants to do things according to the rules, Winner looks for efficiency, Buddy for group feeling / identity and Node wants to be able to make and continue to make his own choices. They have been sentenced to each other because in behavioral choices rules, efficiency, group values ​​and self-esteem all playig their parts concurrently. Always. All four are part of our individual consciousnesses. Always. But the weights will vary depending on our characters and the circumstances.

This was the case in 2000 when file sharing came into the world and not only the regulations / enforcement / justice, the music industry, the maker and employee groups, but also the individual fans had to make their choices. And that also applies in 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic strikes and new regulations / enforcement / justice, the companies, the employee and user groups and the individual citizens have to draw up their plans.

This story of a universal multiple personality structure that is interpreted in situ is the basis for how populations of toy worlds are further generated and how their behavior is looked at. That story is our template for making models, the glasses through which we look.

Boris Johnson’s recent behavioral choices provide useful material to illustrate the template, as functional glasses. It is plausible that, prior to his own contamination, UK Prime Minister Johnson preferred the mindsets that feel at home with alt-right and fake-news slogans and that embrace a questionable variant of social evolutionary thinking. It also seems plausible that he had great confidence in the dogmatics of the neo-liberal market economy and that he distrusted physics-based expertise.

It is conceivable that after his admission and treatment in intensive care, he will want to calibrate his views on science and fake news somewhat. How that will work out cannot be predicted because it will affect the coherence of his world view as it presumably will need adaptation.