Intuition and Gut Feeling

The professor who believes that computers may have intuition was confirmed in this belief when Deep Blue won a chess match against Kasparov in 1997. In this frame, intuition is the art of making the right choices, even if there are too many possibilities to calculate them. Szent-Giörgyi who believes that intuition provides, when you wake up in the morning, a plan of action ready to address a problem that had emerged yesterday, might disagree.

Such plans of action are fleeting and evaporate without further effort, such as a dream or an idea can briefly visit your consciousness and then slip away again. Mister Sum had therefore created a blog to serve as external memory. He believed that the professor and Szent-Giörgyi were both right: subconsciously preparing action plans for problems can be done while awake behind the chess board and can be done while asleep at night.

Google translation of “intuition” into Chinese provides two options. The first is “直观” and includes two characters. The first of these means direct and the second seeing. This Chinese variety of intuition shows you things right away. If a Chinese text has the character of a rebus rather than a series of letters, “直观” could easily become to mean “visual media”. The second option for intuition in Chinese is “直觉.” Again two characters: the first direct, the second feeling. This could then a second meaning meaning such as “social media.” The first variety of intuition serves reason, the second feeling. The first we also call inspiration in the West, the second we also call gut feelings.