• The blog has a stack architecture: what was added last is on top, is presented first.
  • The blog is in 3 languages. The language in use is indicated by the flag under the title bar. Change the language by choosing a different flag.
  • The main page provides a list of abbreviations. Zoom in via “read more.”
  • Back to main page: click on the title in the title bar.
  • The forum is in one language because it uses the bbPress plugin for WordPress – it only supports one: I chose English.
  • The forum describes how I use modeling in NetLogo and contains only the most basic math formulations. It is about virtual working methods in the form of networks of recipes and data that can change on the way (ie algorithms). The usual mathematical notations and ways of thinking are unsuitable for this.
  • The forum has no literary pretensions (the blog does) and should, if it has been elaborated sufficiently, be fit for use in a course on qualitative research techniques.
  • The blog is (like everything) work in progress. That means I can make changes in published material.