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Yesterday I looked at the place where I plan to post some modeling and programming info. The forum. I didn’t like how it looked. Letters too small, unnecessary columns (the numbers of forum topics and messages), all kinds of unnecessary information when clicking a forum topic, and the text only becomes legible when clicking a forum post, but then that post is not centered but too much right on the page. Those seem simple things to fix. But they are not. I spent hours tinkering last night and haven’t gotten out yet.

The question is what should I do. Levelling typographic requirements down (there is no one reading this anyway)? Calling in professional help (can I still afford that?) Or sticking to an autism-inclined need to at least keep up appearances for myself in terms of self-reliance? I think the latter.

That means that today I reserve all day for maintenance work on this blog, as a platform for myself to be able to share the information I want to share in a way that I find acceptable. This is a choice. I don’t expect that choice to contribute to a lighthearted mood.