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Covid Worldwide per June 6

The column on the left is based on registered data ( It shows four curves that describe COVID-19 pandemic weekly dynamics, worldwide, in numbers of fatalities and infections. Mr. Sum looks at these graphs for the stories they tell. The third one looks simplest. It show the accumulation of the numbers if people infected in the world. It appears to take off in a straight line in weeks 10-23. The numbers show that this line is to begin near 10K in week 10 and to then climb linearly to 7.8M in week 23. At this rate the line that connects the numbers in weeks 1 and10 appears almost horizontal. Still, during that period the whole wave of COVID-19 through China has been absorbed. The bubble this has to have made in the statistics is better visible in the new-cases graph.

New cases numbers will have max values that are significantly lower than those of cumulatives. So their scales will be more sensitive to showing changes in COVID-19 dynamics. Another story that the second graph (the new-cases graph) tells is that the numbers of new cases remained more or less static or varying around something like mean number during weeks 14-20, while from weeks 10-14 they climbed in a rather power-law like manner. In week 20 it becomes clear that the numbers of infected per week are on the rise again. Stories that can explain this are in the manners that and how the pandemic spreads over the world and conquers new territories.

Since news about the developments in Brazil does tally with this trend mr. Sum decided to add Brazil data to the analysis.

A major concern can be the worldwide spree of protests and demonstrations that stem from racist policing behaviors (like the killing of George Floyd) in the USA.

I am afraid (with what we know about the virus by now) that we have to expect new waves of infections and fatalities as a result of mass meetings that are characterized by people shouting (and thus sharing aerosol-like cloudlets with their the environment).