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COVID-19 State of Affairs on August 15

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Yesterday, I updated the COVID-19 data. I show the overviews in a gallery in Fig. 1. Those who want a larger format can view them closely via the browser. The indicators discussed elsewhere are sufficiently visible on the given scale.

China is doing well from a medical risk point of view. The PRC has COVID-19 under control. We just don’t know at which cost. France seemed to have the virus under control, just like the Netherlands and to a slightly lesser extent the UK, but the image from 15 August shows that infections are rising exponentially again, everywhere. I expect that the same picture will appear for deaths if they are indeed a month behind infections.

For the US and Brazil it should also be mentioned that the developments in the new infections and deaths are at such a high level that there is no control whatsoever. It should be noted that the heads of government think completely differently about this. It is also important to mention that my prediction about the expected development in the number of COVID-19 deaths in the US has not come true. That deserves further attention (elsewhere, later).

For the purposes of comparison, I show the numbers of deaths per million residents (also in their development per week).

The Comparison of six jurisdictions per August 15

Since July 31, Brazil has displaced France from 5th place.