Clashing Religious Truths

My OCT thesis (on clashing truths) is about confrontations between religious and scientific truths. Looking around me learns that serious clashes also take place between defenders of religious truths from the same culture, but also between defenders of religious truths from different cultures. My ocRt thesis (about conflicting religious truths) is the following:

Clashes between religious truths arise when valid religious reasoning leads to religious theorems that jeopardize the credibility of other religious theorems.

Where the Galileo process from 1615 is a classic example of my OCT theorem, there are also fine examples of my ocRt theorem. I will give one or more for each of the four cultures I am talking about elsewhere. Those four country/cultures are China/TBCM, Saudi Arabia/Wahhabite, the Netherlands/New Testamentary, US/Neoliberal-Imperialist).