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Yesterday I looked at the place where I plan to post some modeling and programming info. The forum. I didn’t like how it looked. Letters… Read More »Distraction

A Break?

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It is April 7, day 100 in algorithm 0. The artificial counter is at 1,048,575. What was observed and recorded points to 1,049,378. The agreement… Read More »A Break?


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The blog has a public and a private section. The public secton is a collection of blog posts written by myself (Aernout Schmidt) for myself,… Read More »Contact


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The blog has a stack architecture: what was added last is on top, is presented first. The blog is in 3 languages. The language in… Read More »Hints


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Because I see that when reading the jumble thing the question may arise as to what attitude the blog writer has adopted, there are five… Read More »Categories