End 2019 I started the blog as a tool for myself, to write down the ideas that appear early in the morning — to prevent them from slipping away again. I am gaining a growing, unruly collection of text fragments this way. Although most fragments have mixed character, each of them gets a single characteristic out of 6 (clickable): fiction for dreams and stories, facts for what can serve as data, frames for ingrained patterns in thinking and feeling (like dogmas), models for theories that can be translated into toy worlds, epi for pieces about the blog itself and code for bits about NetLogo.


  • Frames

It is October 13, 2020. Yesterday the British government announced a new national approach to the COVID-19 pandemic. Four different levels in daily new infections… Read More »Fragility

After Week 36

  • Facts

If he wants to participate in the annual meeting of his student’s club, he considers how that can be done while maintaining distances. When he… Read More »After Week 36


  • Fiction

Yesterday, more or less by chance, Mr. Sum saw on YouTube a conversation between Lawrence Krauss and Noam Chomsky. It was recorded in 2015. Chomsky… Read More »Serendipity