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Around Saudi Arabia, Phase I

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This group of countries is also composed on intuition, just like the others. This means that my origin plays a role, especially when it comes to knowledge deficiencies. Apart from a transfer in Dubai (where I had to justify myself for owning a corkscrew that was confiscated on the spot) I know little about the Arab world (if it exists at all), its cohesion and political reality. In view of what is now going on in (the remnants of) the media preoccupied with Atlantic cooperation in particular, I must assume that this intuition rests on images that may or may not (sic!) be deliberately distorted. We will see what this can bring about again in a few days, in the US, in the context of a regular transfer of power that is framed as a massive disenfranchising theft and that is embraced as such by an angry, armed and victimized mob. Anyway.

I selected the countries, more or less as a kind of geopolitical residual category between the blocks that I came up with around Europe, the Mediterranean, Russia and India. That resulted in the selection of 12 countries. Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Eritrea, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Somalia, Yemen, Oman and the United Arab Emirates, respectively: