An ideal AlphaZero player am I

I’m talking about myself as an AlphaZero player, not about a computer. About conscious thinking, not about artificial intelligence.

There is little that amazes me more than the eagerness with which multitudes of fellow human beings direct their allotted time and conscious brainpower to how to numb it best and in a hedonistic manner (numbing brainpower hedonistically or NBH).

Is here a competition te be found? Can I start a NBH competition? Can I simulate that competition in a toy world? And use an AlphaZero approach? Can I use AI to efficiently teach myself how best to numb my brainpower in a hedonistic manner? Is that what I want?

Is that what I want at a time when I should roll up my sleeves to contribute to fighting the pandemic and its consequences, the climate transition and its consequences, the extreme divides and their consequences?

Can I perhaps translate that, what I would need to roll up my sleeves for, into competitions for which AlphaZero could help me win?

Such will be quite a hassle if it actually involves multiple competitions worldwide under different rules of the game, rules that moreover can change during the ride, just like a virus?

I think too much. But I am not looking for anesthetics. Anyone who wants too much has to limit his scope anyway.


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