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Alarming News from the Netherlands

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Yesterday was the deadline for a new update of the weekly data. That does not look good for the Netherlands. The second wave has started (see Fig. 1).

Fig. 1 State of COVID-19 affaires (Netherlands). Second Wave?

At least it seems that way if we see the decidedly exponential development of the number of infections from week 29 onwards. We see a replication (also in numbers) of what started in week 9 at the time.

An emotional explanation seems to lie in a combination of feelings. Firstly, that the average citizen underestimates the pandemic as long as he is not blown over by it himself. Otherwise he hardly gets to see it after all. Second, he has had enough and wants to have fun with the gang on vacation. And thirdly because a noisy kind of cult is developing, nursing muddled conspiracy theories that are reinforced by a sudden flowering of, it must be said, partly blinded human-rights invoking views. Mr. Node holds his heart and he is not alone.

In the US, the trend that the numbers tell has been reversed since two weeks and that is a good thing because they haven’t yet ridden the first wave there yet:

Fig. 2 State of COVID-19 affaires (USA). Still in first Wave?