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To Fabulate

To fabulate, he alsways thought, is like lying in an extra-moral sense.

It had been a strange experiment with subjects who had suffered epilepsy so severely that their hemispheres were separated as therapy. They turned out to be able to tell stories and believe to give reasons for behaviors – even if they couldn’t know them. Sometime in October of 2017, the MeToo explosion rippled through the social media. Sad though: negotiation must now be, also about the non-negotiable. In November he went to Utrecht for a working group. It was in the hortus where, to his surprise, he passed a forest of various bamboo species. Another month later he woke up reluctantly from a dream that poured an overwhelming feeling of happiness over him and in which a Chinese woman silently approached him by touching his hand in a non-MeToo way while they walked through a bamboo forest. Reluctant awakening means trying to acknowledge and hold on to the feeling of happiness for as long as possible.

He had recently seen how a professor had come to believe that inventing things that you are believing yourself is a survival tool for the human species.